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eye sight recovery PRO

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This application is a version as which the eye sight recovery is not displayed. There are someone whose sight have recovered from 0.6 to 1.2 for just 4 weeks (It depends on people) "eye sight recovery" is for an application for your eye sight recovery ■Function■ Access history -This function helps you to confirm your exercise history -You cannot feel soon the effect of eye sight recovering, sometimes it makes you reluctant to continue exercises. -This access history function keeps your motivation because you can see how much you have made efforts. Offering 2 patterns exercises -We offer you 2 kinds of exercises Offering some photos at exersice2 -We offer you many kinds of photos at excercises2 ■Attention■ This application doesn't guarantee eye sight recovering. The effect depends on each people When you see the screen, please see it from over 40cm away . Don't exercise over 5 minutes once In case of feeling tired on your eyes or something bad, please stop exercises and consult to doctors. When you record access history, please checking